Workshop Overview
Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software components (hereafter, COTS) play an increasingly important role in software systems development. Successful COTS-based system development requires some particular activities to be performed, among which we find COTS evaluation. This activity is one of the cornerstones of COTS selection, COTS implementation and development of cost models for COTS. Its importance and also its complexity are growing more and more due to the increasing number of COTS domains and products available (with open-source components in particular). As a consequence, models for representing the evaluation criteria and the evaluations themselves, as well as the process to conduct the evaluation activity, are needed.

The main goals of this workshop are the following:

The workshop will be organized according to the following: Topics
The workshop is intended to cover topics related to COTS evaluation, from theoretical foundations to empirical studies, including the following (but are not limited to):