Workshop Overview
Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and product software can now be found in most business, government and defence organizations. Selecting, procuring and integrating COTS software are core activities of most systems development processes. Indeed COTS products are the predominant source of software for a wide range of today's applications - applications for which organisations and stakeholders still have requirements. However few existing requirements engineering methods, techniques and tools address COTS-based software development processes. Potential customers need requirements to select between candidate COTS products, write procurement contracts, guide COTS product integration and explore different product architecture configurations.

The objectives of this workshop are two-fold:
1. To determine the future needs for new requirements methods, techniques and tools that address COTS-based software development, from the perspectives of both customers who will use COTS products and suppliers who produce them;
2. To bring together researchers and practitioners from the requirements engineering and COTS product software as a starting point for more integrated research and development.

The workshop is intended to cover topics of requirements engineering in relation with COTS and product software, from theoretical foundations to empirical studies. We welcome the submission of papers in all aspects of requirements engineering bound to COTS and product software, including the following (but are not limited to):

The workshop will be a combination of inviting keynote speakers from the COTS and product software communities, short paper presentations based on author submissions, and focused parallel working groups on topics of importance to the practitioner and research communities. The workshop will be open to all participants interested in the topic.

Keynote speakers

- Patricia Oberndorf (Software Engineering Institute - USA)