Call for Contributions

We ask for papers of 4 different types: position papers (preferred), research papers, experience reports and tool-support descriptions. All the papers should specify clearly which part of the spectrum of problems are addressing. For position papers, the limit is 2 pages, IEEE format. For the rest of types of papers, 4 pages, IEEE format. Selection of papers would be made according mainly to the following 3 criteria: adequacy to the topics of the workshop, technical soundness and potential for generating discussion. Others such as quality of presentation would be evaluated just to provide recommendations for the final version of the contribution. Papers must be unpublished and submitted electronically in Adobe PDF format to

We encourage you to use the proposed case study to conduct your contribution.

The final form of accepted submissions will be made available on the workshop website for pre-workshop dissemination and post-workshop reference. Publication of selected papers in a special issue of an international journal is currently under consideration.