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JDK Internationalization Overview


Locale Class
Supported Locales

Localized Resources
ResourceBundle Class
ListResourceBundle Class
PropertyResourceBundle Class

Calendar and Time Zone Support
Calendar Class
TimeZone Class

Format Class
DateFormat Class
SimpleDateFormat Class
DateFormatSymbols Class
NumberFormat Class
DecimalFormat Class
DecimalFormatSymbols Class
ChoiceFormat Class
MessageFormat Class
ParsePosition Class
FieldPosition Class

Locale-Sensitive String Operations
Collator Class
RuleBasedCollator Class
CollationElementIterator Class
CollationKey Class
BreakIterator Class
StringCharacterIterator Class
CharacterIterator Interface

Character Set Conversion
Supported Encodings

AWT Attributes
Name Attribute
Locale Attribute

Stream I/O
Reader and Writer Classes
PrintStream Class

Character Classification
Input Methods
On-the-Spot Input Support in Swing
Input Method Framework

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