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Supported Locales

JDK Software Release: 1.1

Document Revision Date: 5/26/98

On the Java platform, there does not have to be a single set of supported locales, since each class maintains its own localizations. Nevertheless, there is a consistent set of localizations supported by the JDK classes. Other implementations of the Java platform may support different locales than the JDK. Those supported by the JDK are summarized in the following table. Subsequent releases of the JDK may include additional locales.




da_DK Danish Denmark
DE_AT German Austria
DE_CH German Switzerland
DE_DE German Germany
el_GR Greek Greece
en_CA English Canada
en_GB English United Kingdom
en_IE English Ireland
en_US English United States
es_ES Spanish Spain
fi_FI Finnish Finland
fr_BE French Belgium
fr_CA French Canada
fr_CH French Switzerland
fr_FR French France
it_CH Italian Switzerland
it_IT Italian Italy
ja_JP Japanese Japan
ko_KR Korean Korea
nl_BE Dutch Belgium
nl_NL Dutch Netherlands
no_NO Norwegian (Nynorsk) Norway
no_NO_B Norwegian (Bokmål) Norway
pt_PT Portuguese Portugal
sv_SE Swedish Sweden
tr_TR Turkish Turkey
zh_CN Chinese (Simplified) China
zh_TW Chinese (Traditional) Taiwan

For additional information, see the JDK Internationalization home page.

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