Physical Fonts for Version 1.2 of the JDK Software

Starting with the 1.2 release, the JDK software includes a set of TrueType fonts in the lib/fonts subdirectory. Prior to the 1.2 release, the JDK software relied on the host platform fonts. Logical fonts, such as Monospaced, are mapped to the host platform fonts in the file. To distinguish them from the logical fonts, this document refers to the TrueType fonts as the physical fonts for the JDK software.


The JDK software physical fonts offer the following benefits:

Lucida Font Family

The physical fonts of the JDK software all belong to the Lucida font family. This family contains 3 groupings: Sans, Bright, and Typewriter. Each grouping contains 4 fonts. The 12 fonts in the Luciada font family are as follows:

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Revision Date: October 16, 1998
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