Guillem Godoy's main publications

Some publications

Guillem Godoy, Eduard Huntingford and Ashish Tiwari
Termination of Rewriting with Right-Flat Rules
Accepted in RTA, 2007.

Guillem Godoy and Eduard Huntingford
Innermost-Reachability and Innermost-Joinability are decidable for Shallow Term Rewrite Systems
Accepted in RTA, 2007.
Paper and Long paper

Guillem Godoy and Sophie Tison
On the Normalization and Unique Normalization properties of Term Rewrite Systems
Accepted in CADE, 2007.
Paper and Long paper

Hubert Comon, Guillem Godoy and Robert Nieuwenhuis
The Confluence of Ground Term Rewrite Systems is Decidable in Polynomial Time
Submitted to FOCS, 2001.
Long paper

Guillem Godoy and Robert Nieuwenhuis
On Ordering Constraints for Deduction with Built-In Abelian Semigroups, Monoids and Groups
Procs. 16th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS)
Boston, USA, 2001.   © IEEE Long paper

Miquel Bofill and Guillem Godoy
On the Completeness of Arbitrary Selection Strategies for Paramodulation
In Procs. Automata, Languages and Programming, 28th Int. Colloquium (ICALP)
Crete, Greece, LNCS, Springer-Verlag, July 2001. Long paper

Adria Gascon and Guillem Godoy and Manfred Schmidt-Schauss
Context Matching for Compressed Terms
LICS 2008.

Carles Creus and Guillem Godoy and Francesc Massanes and Ashish Tiwari
Non-linear Rewrite Closure and Weak Normalization

Guillem Godoy, Omer Gimenez, Lander Ramos and Carme Alvarez
The HOM problem is decidable

Luis Barguñó, Carles Creus, Guillem Godoy, Florent Jacquemard, Camille Vacher
The Emptiness Problem for Tree Automata with Global Constraints

Carles Creus, Adrià Gascón, Guillem Godoy, Lander Ramos
The HOM Problem is EXPTIME-Complete

Carles Creus, Guillem Godoy
The RACSO system source code for judging CFGs Source and Benchmarks.

Carles Creus, Pau Fernández, Guillem Godoy
The REDNP benchmarks and statistics File