Artificial Intelligence Journals

Artificial Intelligence Journals:

ACM SIGART Bulletin.
Adaptive Behavior.
AI Applications - on natural resources, agriculture, and environmental science.
AI Communications - The European Journal of Artificial Intelligence.
AI Magazine.
Applied Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence and Law.
AI EDAM - Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing.
Artificial Intelligence in Engineering.
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.
Artificial Intelligence Review.
Artificial Life.
Autonomous Robots.
Cognitive Brain Research.
Computational Intelligence - An International Journal.
Computational Liguistics.
Data & Knowledge Engineering.
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence.
Evolutionary Computation.
Expert Systems - The International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Neural Networks.
Expert Systems with Applications.
Future Generation Computer Systems.
Fuzzzy Sets and Systems.
Intelligent Data Analysis - An International Journal. Electronic Journal.
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning.
International Journal of Computer Vision.
International Journal of Human Computer Studies - Formerly, Int. Journal of Man-Machine Studies.
The International Journal of Robotics Research.
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) - An Electronic Journal.
Journal of Automated Reasoning.
Journal of Functional and Logic Programming.
Journal of Functional Programming.
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems.
Journal of Intelligent Systems.
Journal of Interactive Learning Research (JILR) - Formwerly AI in Education.
Journal of Logic and Computation.
Journal of Logic, Language and Information.
Journal of Logic Programming.
Journal of Symbolic Computation.
Knowledge-Based Systems.
The Knowledge Engineering Review.
Knowledge and Information Systems - An International Journal.
LISP and Symbolic Computation.
Machine Learning.
Machine Translation.
Microcomputers in Civil Engineering - Journal of Computer Aided Civil & Infrastructure Engineering.
Natural Language Engineering.
Neural Computation.
Neural Networks.
Pattern Recognition.
Pattern Recognition Letters.
Soft Computing.