Catalan Resources

Catalan Resources:

Ajuntament de Barcelona - Barcelona's Town Hall.
Ajuntament de Gavà - Gavà's Town Hall.
Ajuntament de Lleida (La Paeria) - Lleida's Town Hall.
L'Alguer. Centre de Recursos Pedagògics Maria Montessori.
Archaeology Museum of Catalonia - Iberian, Greek and Roman art in Catalonia.
L'arqueologia de Menorca - brief introduction to the archaeology of Minorca (Balearic Islands), in catalan language.
Associació Catalana d'Agències de Viatges (ACAV) - Catalan Association of Travel Agencies.
Associació Catalana de Ports Esportius i Turístics (ACPEIT) - ACPEIT provides a free directory containing descriptions of ports throughout Catalonia.
Autonomous Goverment of Catalonia - Generalitat de Catalunya.
Barcelona's Subway system.
AVUI - Catalonian newspaper.
Caixa d'Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona ("La Caixa") .
CastellNET- Catalan Human Castle WEB.
Catalan Chapter of Internet Society.
The Catalan Page.
Catalan Poetry.
Catalan Ring.
Catalonia Net - Links to Catalonia-related sites.
Catalonia Office of Foreign Investment- Promotes investment in Catalonia by providing, free of charge, a broad range of services to potential investors.
Catalonia Tourist Guide - Includes Barcelona, the Costa Brava, the Costa Dorada, the Costa del Maresme, the Costa del Garraf, and the Catalan Pyrenees.
CountryScape - Country Music Information written both in Catalan and English.
Classical Music in Catalonia.
A Close Look at Catalonia - Economy, culture, sport and tourism resources; (in Catalan, Spanish, French, English and German).
Consell Comarcal del Baix Empordà - Baix Empordà information (Girona, Catalonia) in Catalan, Spanish, French, and English.
Edicions 62 - Catalonian Literature Publisher.
Edicions Destino - Catalonian Literature Publisher.
Edicions Empúries - Catalonian Literature Publisher.
Enciclopèdia Catalana (GEC) - Catalonian Encyclopaedia.
Federació Internet d'Entitats Catalanes a l'Exterior (FIECE).
Galeusca Television - Offers satellite television from Basque Country, Catalonia and Galicia to people in America.
Gran Teatre del Liceu.
Hotels Guide of Catalonia - Find Hotels in Barcelona, the Costa Brava (Wild Coast), the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) and the Pyrenees.
Hotels Catalonia.
Hotels on Line- Hotels Virtual Guide from Costa Brava, Catalonia.
Hotels Sol Melià .
Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC) - Institution devoted to the research in the natural sciences, technology, the humanities (filology, linguistics, dictionary, art) and in all aspects of culture in Catalonia.
Manresa - Manresa's Town Information.
Marrè, Produccions Editorials, S.L..
Mary Martin's page - History, music and links to many Catalonia related sites.
North American Catalan Society (NACS).
Obra Cultural Balear - Balearic Culture Foundation.
Ornitologia Catalana - Information about birds of Catalonia (in Catalan & English).
El Periódico de Catalunya - Catalonian newspaper.
The Penedès Server. TOTWEB - Information about The Penedès, an excellent wine and cava county. Also includes listings about towns and counties in Catalonia.
Programa d'Informàtica Educativa de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
Sardamania - Information on "La Sardana", a traditional Catalonian dance.
Sport - Catalonian newspaper.
Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) - Catalonian Television.
Unió de Radioaficionats de Catalunya - Information about the Catalonia Amateur Radio Union.
Universitat Catalana d'Estiu (UCE) - Catalonian Summer University.
La Vanguardia - Catalonian newspaper.
Vehicles Elèctrics.
VilaWeb - Gateway to the Catalonian Internet resources.