Research interests

My research interests are in machine learning and data mining. Mots of my work has been on the problem of clustering categorical data and, particulary, feature selection in clustering. I have also worked in the problem of ordering effects in incremental clustering in joint work with Josep Roure, from EUPMT and in using declarative knowledge in clustering in collaboration with Javier Béjar from UPC.

From my work in the business intelligence industry, I have also developed a high interest in issues related to data mining such as data preparation, postprocessing and interpretation of results and visualization.

In the last years I became progressively interested in web-based educational environments, doing joint work with Elena Gaudioso from the UNED in applying machine learning collaborative learning in the web. This includes not only building learning models for user modeling, adaptive navigation and profiling, but also solving problems such as data gathering and preprocessing, finding useful learning tasks and defining indicators of collaborative activity and student performance.

Currently my work is focused on developing a MOOC about programming in Python and studying the factors that impact student performance in introductory computer science courses.

Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria
Industrial de Barcelona
Diagonal 647
08034 Barcelona (Spain)