AAAI'99 EDSSAI Workshop Program

July 18, 1999

8:50-9:00 Welcome and Presentation
Keynote address
9:00-10:00 Session A
"From classic DSSs to environmental DSSs"
A hybrid expert system: GIS and simulation modeling for environmental and technological risk management Fedra and Winkelbauer
Towards Environmental Decision Support Systems Cortés, Sànchez-Marrè, Roda and Poch
A framework to represent the environment in multiagent systems Soulié and Marcenac
10:00-10:30 Session A discussion
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Session B
"Soft computing and environment"
Recent Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Forest Resource Management: An Overview Peng and Wen
Intelligent Decision Support for Aerial Spray Deposition Management Potter, Bi, Twardus, Thistle, Twery, Ghent and Teske
A Study of Qualitative and Missing Information in Wastewater Treatment Plants Belanche, Valdés, Comas, Roda and Poch
Data Fusion and Inference Systems for Environmental Decision Support Sarigiannis
 Local Maximum Ozone Concentration Prediction Using Neural Networks
Wieland and Wotawa
12:30-13:00 Session B discussion
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Session C
"Distributed and integrated AI in environmental issues"
An Agent Architecture for Supervising a pilot WWTP Baeza, Gabriel, Lafuente and Béjar
Applying Cooperative Distributed Problem Solving Methods to Trumpeter Swan Management
Sojda and Howe
A Multi-paradigm Decision Support System to improve Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation Roda, Comas, Colprim, Baeza, Sànchez-Marrè and Cortés
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-17:00 Session D
"Ontologies and KBS in environmental issues"
A Multi-criterial Decision Support System for Forest Management Nute, Kim, Potter, Twery, Rauscher, Thomasma, Bennett and Kollasch
CIMAT: a Knowledge-based System for Developing Criteria & Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management Haggith, Prabhu, Purnomo, Rizal, Taylor, Yasmi and Sukadri
Using Formal Metadata Descriptions for Automated Ecological Modeling Brilhante
17:00-17:30 Session C and D discussion
17:30-18:30 Final panel discussion